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Travel, tourism, hotels, sights and much more! Everything you want to know about planning your vacation in Greece is here. Our goal is to let you explore our country through the images and information provided within our pages. If you want to choose a destination for your vacation in Greece, you might like to start by looking at the map and choosing a location to explore.
If you are contemplating a holiday, we will help you find the place which best suits your taste. In our hotel and travel index you'll find lots of useful links to hotels and travel agencies with destinations throughout Greece. Get the most out of your holiday and choose from a wide selection of resorts. Business hotels are also featured here, as well as a number of tours designed to let you see the most interesting sights.

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Summer vacation in Mykonos,Greece


Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek islands, part of the Cyclades islands. It is lying between Tinos, Siros, Paros and Naxos. Greek mythology refers that Mykonos was named after its first ruler, Mykons, the son of Apollo god. The island is also said to have been the location of a great ancient battle between Zeus and Titans. It is the place where Hercules killed the invicible giants, luring them from the protection of Olympus Mount. Rumors have it that the large rocks all over the island are the petrified testicles of the giants.

Mykonos island is considered the most cosmopolitan spot in Greece. Amazing beaches, traditional villages, outstanding nightlife and a gay-friendly attitude, composes an earthly paradise. One of the most famous island's landmarks is the little Venice. Little Venice is for sure the most romantic spot of the island, especially when the sun goes down. Traditional fishing houses with colourful doors and windows line the waterfront with their lovely balconies hanging over the sea. The area attracts many visitors including also a lot of artists, who come to photoshoot or paint the breathtaking coastline. Another must-see is definitely the windmills. They are a defining feature of the Mykonian landscape. There are a lot of them around the island, but the most characteristic ones are located in the main town of Chora. Strolling around Chora, you can pay attention at the maskot of the Island, Peter the pelican. It is an integral part of the island and we can say for sure, it is a celebrity, taking all the lights with all this adoration.

But what about food? Mykonos has a variety of traditional cuisine which is to die for. You should try kopanisti cheese, kremmydopita and omelet. And after all this food, what is better than some dessert? Amygdalota, lazarakia and melopita will surprise the most difficult ones and the memory of the flavors will accompany your return home in order to share your gastronomic experience with your friends.

Μake your days count by visiting one beach at the time to see as many as you can. On the top of your list should be the Psarou beach (the cosmopolitan one), Lia, Panormos, Elia, Ornos and Kalo Livadi. Make also your nights count strolling around the beautiful white and graphic streets of Chora or enjoying a delicious coctail at little Venice. And if you are a party animal type you will never get bored with the club variety, espesially if you like house music. The most famous dj's around the world visit Mykonos every year to play some of their best sets. But if you are tired from a long full day, there is not better way than spend your evening at the balcony of a Mykonos villa enjoying the view with a glass of wine.

Stepping onto this picturesque island, you leave your problems and anxieties behind and you are entranced in a sense of luxury and tranquility. The warmth and hospitality of the locals, the ancient atmosphere, the narrow streets, the deep blue sea of the Aegean and the variety of the activities and the ways to have fun, will make you a Mykonian lover and a regular visitor. Mykonos real estate will help you to live your myth in Greek paradise. Rent a villa in Mykonos and pass the best vacations in your life.

About Author
Kostas Palkogiannis is the owner of Mykonos Estates, a Real estate agency in Mykonos,Greece.

Accommodation in Mykonos

If anyone tries to imagine the most identical place in Greece-not even daring to say “in the world”, just to keep it humble- to spend their summer vacation, this would undoubtedly be Mykonos – The Island of the Winds. The nickname is anything but random.

The queen of the Aegean, Mykonos, is one of the windiest islands of Greece, offering its guests a pure pleasure of freshness and coolness during the hot summer season and the unbearable –sometimes, especially at noon- high temperatures. When laying one’s foot on the island, wonderful and impressive white windmills rush to welcome them, revealing right from the starts the island’s famous feature that makes Mykonos rather unique and unforgettable. But the best part is yet to come. Ideally dressed in comfortable airy clothes, namely a cozy dress or a linen shirt, it is always a mysterious but yet romantic adventure to spend your evening walking around the island’s famous flower-lined streets, offering your eyes the true pleasure of real color feast: narrow paved streets created between white and blue walls, skies of flowers, and a wide combination of traditional and modern shops and cafes, resting in secret corners and generously surprising their guests, while tempting them to taste delicious flavors and enjoy unforgettable moments.

While visiting Mykonos, getting bored is no longer an option. The island is well known for its limitless nightlife, serving every taste and will, not letting anyone disappointed or even unsatisfied. Either you seek for extreme night clubbing accompanied by foreign or Greek sounds and lots of alcohol, or you prefer quiet corners of true relaxation and stimulation of your body’s and mind’s sensations, Mykonos is the right place for you. In any case, it is the best possible option for anyone willing to taste the ancient grace of Greek hospitality and friendship. In this island you are no longer going to be treated as “visitors”, “tourists”, “foreigners”.

Once you enter the island’s world, you are automatically embraced by locals, who happen to undertake your pleasure as their own personal bet – and, trust me, they have become experts in that. As for those who receive accommodation as an issue of great importance…you can call Mykonos a paradise on earth. There is definitely a total match for every taste – and wallet. Traditional houses, dreamy guesthouses, all-in hotels, luxury villas or even places to camp –for those of you who prefer adventure and nature, it is all there, with one single common spot despite all differences: breathtaking view and incomparable Aegean dark blue sea. Let your eyes not have enough of it. Let your mind endlessly flow. Let your body avidly dive. Let yourself experience Greece. Choose Mykonos!

About Author
The Association of Rental Rooms in Mykonos, an organized group of professionals and apartment owners in Mykonos, who aim to work together for the sake of the island’s guests, are ready to assist you in choosing the best place to stay according to your needs and serve you during your stay in any possible way. Official procedures, best quality in services, guaranteed hospitality and treatment, but above all…competitive prices that will neither harm your vacation nor your wallet. Trust your stay in the Association of Rental Rooms in Mykonos and offer yourself the best experience of your life.

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